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The Freedom Insurance Story

The Freedom Insurance Story

We believe that all great businesses are founded to solve a problem.

In 2013, Freedom Insurance was founded to do exactly that. Solve a BIG problem.

Our CEO and founder, David Perez, was one of the largest franchisees with Liberty Tax in 2013 and over the past five years, Liberty Tax had grown significantly, so had David.

David went from one store in 2008, to 14 stores in 2013.

Now, David, being a savvy entrepreneur at the time, realized that the industry was changing. The industry was not just changing because taxes were changing but the government had changed the role of a tax professional, imposed. Tax professionals were now going to have to ask each and every single taxpayer if they had healthcare and if they didn’t, they would calculate their penalty. David decided that this wasn’t going to be good for his customers and saw the need to assist his customers in obtaining health insurance.

So, Freedom Insurance was born. Freedom Insurance was founded to offer health care to all tax customers that entered David's stores. David experienced another growth in his business, He soon recognized the impact that insurance was having on his stores.

Not only did David recognize that this was for his customers, but he realized that he could get new customers and help retain more customers year-over-year by offering insurance. David didn’t stop there, he soon added other insurance products such as auto, home, life, and even retirement planning.

David’s vision was to help all his customers get more done on every visit with him. This vision caught on and other Liberty Tax franchisees from across the country looked to David for guidance on how to do the same. David realized then that Freedom was much bigger than his stores. In 2016 The Freedom Insurance Marketing Agent Program was born.

David has now grown Freedom Insurance to one of the largest insurance agencies in the country with Marketing Agent Partners in 17 states. He continues to push the envelope when it comes to customer acquisition, customer retention and customer growth. David's job every day is to make sure that each and every single partner who joins Freedom Insurance has the right support, the right training, the right resources to become successful in the insurance business, as well as, any other business that they are involved in.

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