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Freedom Partnership Opportunity:

  • Access to More Marketplaces?
  • 200+ Carriers for Property, Casualty, and Commercial Insurance?
  • Better Commissions?
  • Better Bonuses?
  • Freedom?
  • Training?
  • Ongoing Lead Generation and Education?
  • More Products?
  • The Ability to Represent your CLIENT and not a CARRIER?
  • Quick and Easy Ability t Write Massive Amounts of Life Insurance?
  • A Lucrative Contract Perfect for YOU?
  • The Opportunity to focus on the product lines YOU love and not have 100 hoops to jump through?
  • Not having to deal with corporate pushing you to help meet THEIR goals?
  • Ownership of YOUR Book of Business?
  • A team with over half a century of marketing and product knowledge and experience on both the carrier and aggregator side that truly understands the business?
  • A Deep Understanding of which carriers are the most competitive in YOUR direct marketplace?
  • The right to pass your agency down to your children and create legacy opportunity?
  • The Peace of Mind that You are Partnered with the Absolute BEST partner for your sustained growth?
  • A chance to spend your career growing and dominating with the experts of Freedom Insurance? and much, much more?

Are you Looking For:

Today’s agents face more challenges than ever. With the demand of carrier production, to clients' needs, to ever changing technology platforms, agents need a partner who knows how to handle it all.

No matter if you are in a captivate Allstate office or an independent ABC office, you are experiencing challenges every day.

Captive agents deal with carrier compliance, appetite and performance metrics that can be unrealistic.

As an independent agent, the streamlined path to submit business to multiple carriers across different technology platforms can be a nightmare. Couple that with the challenge of uniquely identifying yourself in a market where you represent multiple carriers makes running your business hard.

Team Freedom has seen these frustrations first hand and wondered, why hasn't someone solved this?

We searched near and far to and talked to some of the biggest names in the industry. No one had a solution.

Everyone we spoke to seem to have their own agenda or heavily weighed their stance away from agent success.

At Freedom, we believe we win when our agents win. We decided it was time someone stepped up and solved the problems all agents experience.

    The Freedom Partner Program Opportunity:

  • Access to national, regional, and local carriers
  • Multiple contracts to fit agents needs
  • A dedicated support team for every product we offer
  • Agent training to grow and scale your agency.
  • The one and only exclusive Freedom Mobile App to sell life and final expense insurance on the go.

Simply put there is no way to compare us to any other company in the industry as not one does anything close to what we do.

Interested in becoming an Agent?

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